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Blog posts that explain how to use DoorVaani features.

Inbound Channels

Our DID Phone Numbers come with 2 built-in channels and our Toll-free Phone Numbers have 300 built-in channels. What this means is, you can receive 2 simultaneous inbound calls on your DID Phone Number and 300 simultaneous inbound calls on your Toll-free Phone Numbers. If your simultaneous inbound calls volume is more than what your… Read More »

Short Extension Numbers

You can assign short easy to use 2 digit, 3 digit or 4 digit unique extension numbers to each one of your VOIP Lines in your DoorVaani account. You can call other VOIP Line users in your DoorVaani account by simply dialing their short extension number. You can also call your own extension number to… Read More »

How to do call transfers?

DoorVaani VOIP Lines provide call transfer capabilities on both incoming calls and outgoing calls. Calls can be transferred to other extensions or other VOIP Lines in the users’ own account or to external lines like PSTN numbers. Calls transferred to external PSTN numbers will be charged a per minute rate as per the current per… Read More »

How to use DoorVaani Voice Mail?

Each of the VOIP Lines in your DoorVaani account comes with its own voice mail box. Your callers have the option of leaving you a voice mail message in the event you are unavailable to take the call or busy on other phone lines. This blog post explains how to make the best use of… Read More »