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Blog posts that explain how to use DoorVaani features.

DoorVaani Telephony Integration with Zoho

DoorVaani telephony services are integrated with Zoho products over high performance REST APIs in a highly secure environment. Zoho users can simply click on the customer phone numbers in their Zoho products to initiate calls to their customers which are connected by DoorVaani. Once you add your Zoho products in your account, all of… Read More »

How to Setup DoorVaani VOIP Provider in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent is a well known cloud based Multi-channel Customer Service software (SaaS) provider. DoorVaani is a LiveAgent accredited VOIP Service provider with native integration of voice channels and DID Phone Numbers in LiveAgent panel. Once integrated, all of your inbound and outbound voice call interactions with your customers get logged and recorded in LiveAgent panel… Read More »

Email Forwarding of Inbound SMS

Inbound SMS Messages sent to Mobile Phone Numbers of certain countries are E-mail forwarded as soon as received by us. You can manage your Inbound SMS Messages in your web account. You can also manage your E-mail forwarding options like changing the E-mail ID on which SMS messages are forwarded or turning on… Read More »

Expense Reimbursement Claims

Some of the expenses that our customers may incur in better utilisation of our services may, with a prior agreement with us, be eligible for reimbursement by us. Such customers will be provided access to an online reimbursement claims form. This blog post shows you how to enter your reimbursement claim of pre-agreed and eligible… Read More »