Inbound Channels

By | December 7, 2016

Our DID Phone Numbers come with 2 built-in channels and our Toll-free Phone Numbers have 300 built-in channels. What this means is, you can receive 2 simultaneous inbound calls on your DID Phone Number and 300 simultaneous inbound calls on your Toll-free Phone Numbers.

If your simultaneous inbound calls volume is more than what your available channels can handle, then you can buy extra inbound channels from us. These extra inbound channels are shared across all of the Phone Numbers in your DoorVaani account so the extra calls on any of your Phone Numbers will be able to use these channels.

How do I know if I have excessive inbound calls volume?

Our system continuously monitors your concurrent inbound calls on each of your Phone Numbers and in case it exceeds your available channels it alerts you via an e-mail. These alerting e-mails go out from our system the very next day and contains full details like which one of your Phone Numbers had those extra inbound calls, the time of the call etc., When you get such an e-mail, you will know that it is time to add some extra Inbound Channels to your account. You can also see the full details of the failed calls that could not be routed to you for want of Inbound Channels in your DoorVaani account. You can access these details including the caller id of the caller from the “Failed Inbound Calls” menu under “MY INBOUND CHANNELS” in the left hand side vertical menu bar. Please see the following screen shot:


Failed Inbound Calls Menu

How to buy Inbound Channels?

Go to the “Buy Inbound Channels” page using the “Buy Inbound Channels” menu under MY INBOUND CHANNELS from the left hand side vertical menu bar. Please see the following screen shot:


Buy Inbound Channels Menu

On the “Buy Inbound Channels” page (see below), you can ¬†enter the quantity (Number of channels) you want to buy and then select the period in months and add your order to the shopping cart. Once the order is in shopping cart you can checkout your shopping cart. Your purchases are immediately delivered to your account as soon as you make the payment.


Buy Inbound Channels Page