Install And Configure ZoiPer5 on Mac OSX

By | February 27, 2018

This blog post helps you in installing ZoiPer5 on Mac OSX and also configure it to work with your DoorVaani account. Please refer to the screen shots and follow the annotations made on those screen shots. If you don’t have a DoorVaani account yet, please register for free here to create one.

  1. To download ZoiPer5 please go to and click on the Download link and then select the free community version. Once download is completed, please click on the downloaded .pkg file to start the installation process. Once the installer opens click on ‘Continue’ button on the introduction screen.

    Installer Introduction screen

    Installer Introduction Screen Click on Continue

  2. Please click on ‘Continue’ after selecting the hard disk on which you want to install ZoiPer5.2InstallerDestinationSelectContinue
  3. Click on ‘Install’ button to do the standard installation.3InstallerInstallationType
  4. Enter your Mac admin username and password and click on Install Software.4Installer_Mac_Username_Password
  5. Allow the installation to complete and finally you will see the installation success screen. Now you can close the installer by clicking on the close button.5InstallerSummary
  6. Once the installation is complete you may either keep the downloaded package or Move it to Trash.6InstallerPackageTrashOrKeep
  7. Now go to your Mac Applications folder and double click on ZoiPer5 to open it. Once the ZoiPer is open please click on “Continue as a Free User”.Configure1ContineAsFreeUser
  8. Now enter your DoorVaani VOIP Line username and password and click on ‘Login’. Please note that both VOIP Line username and password are case sensitive. If you do not have DoorVaani VOIP Line username and password you can create one for yourself. Please click here to learn how to create a VOIP Line username and password. If you forgot your VOIP Line password you can reset it.Configure2EnterLoginCredentials
  9. Please enter the SIP Hostname: and click on the Next button. Please ensure that you spell the hostname correctly.Configure3EnterSIPHostAndNext
  10. Skip the optional Authentication and Outbound proxy entry screen.Configure4OptionalAuthOutProxySkip
  11. Please select SIP UDP and click on skip. You can select this SIP UDP option even if the configuration screen shows it as ‘untested’.Configure5SelectSIPUDPAndSkip
  12. Please click on “Yes” to the Warning message.Configure6YesToSkipManualConfigWarning
  13. You can select default account name or change the name to anything of your choice. Select the protocol as SIP and then click on Create Account button.Configure7AcctNameProtocol
  14. Your account will be created and shown to you on the Accounts screen. You should see a green tick mark by the side of your account as soon as it successfully registers to our SIP Server. You can close the Accounts screen by clicking the X as shown in the picture below.Configure8AcctCreatedCloseX
  15. You should now see your ZoiPer5 running on your computer. If you need to change anything in your account configuration, please click on the settings gear wheel and then select the account to see the configuration details. You can edit these details like your VOIP Line username, password, SIP Hostname and Account name on the Account Settings screen. To start dialing out numbers, please click on the dialpad icon and enter the full number starting from the country code.
  16. The next time you open ZoiPer you should click again on “Continue As a Free User” link.Configure9ContinueAsAFreeUser
  17. You must keep your ZoiPer always running on your computer to receive inbound calls. You can minimize it to tray but should keep it always running.