How to get your IP Address Unbanned and Make Our Server Accessible?

By | March 11, 2018

If too many failures in registering your VOIP Line to our server occur in a very short period of time, then, as a security measure, your IP Address will be banned from accessing our server for 20 minutes each time such an incident happens. The most common failures, that end up in banning your IP address, are of the following types:

1. Incorrect VOIP Line Password (Note: Password is case sensitive).
2. Auth Name mismatch with Username (Auth name must be either blank or exactly same as your VOIP Line username and is case sensitive).
3. Not registering your VOIP Line from the “Permitted IP or Range” as saved by you.
4. Registering the VOIP Line, which is not supposed to be registered, as it is set by you to send inbound calls to your Static IP.

If your IP Address is banned for any of the above reasons or for any other reason, you will be immediately notified by e-mail that includes what exactly the problem is and how to overcome it. Please pay attention to the contents of these e-mails as it will contain valuable information on how to overcome the problem that is causing this issue. Similarly when your IP Address gets automatically unbanned at the end of the 20 minutes interval, you will receive another e-mail informing you of this unban action. You may want to unsubscribe from these e-mail alerts or you may want to change the e-mail id for these alerts. Please refer to this blog article on how to unsubscribe or change E-mail id.

If you do not want to wait for 20 minutes for the IP Address to be automatically unbanned, you can manually unban it immediately. The rest of this blog post explains how to manually unban your IP Address.

Please Note: Before you take any action, please ensure that the IP Address shown in the E-mail you received is really your IP Address. You can see what your IP Address is, by going to a service like If the banned IP address is not your IP Address, it indicates someone else is trying to misuse your account or steal your credit. Please contact us immediately if this is the case so that we can help you secure your account.

How to manually unban your IP Address?

1. Login into your DoorVaani account.
2. Go to “VOIP Line Details” page, by clicking on your VOIP Line username in the “My VOIP Lines” page.

Click on VOIP Line name

VOIP Line username

3. In the top of the “VOIP Line Details” page, you can see your VOIP Status showing you the IP address status. You will also see a link “Please click here to unban this IP now”. Please click on this link and your IP Address will be unbanned and access to our server will be opened.

IP Address Unban Link

IP Address Unban Link

IP Address Unban Confirm

IP Address Unban Confirm

Please Note: You must correct the problem that caused the IP address ban before you manually unban your IP address. Unless you correct the problem your IP address will get banned again.